Amplifying your engagement.

Driven by passion

We love a positive atmosphere in the room, one that is exciting, rousing and genuinely real. Imagine all your top speakers in the same room, at the same time and on different stages. No sound interference and no distractions- only increased delegate engagement. We connect people, brands and companies- with our unique smart, innovative headphone technology and a team that can take your Silent Conference to a new level.

Remove creative shackles

Silent Conference smart wireless headphones can remove creative shackles that have once hindered your events. It enables you to deliver messages that go straight to the ears of your delegates. Empowering you to host multiple speakers, have a multiple focus and use multiple channels. Let immersive listening experiences redefine the future of your seminars, conferences, trade shows and more.

Up to 30 channels

Your conference, your content. Our headphones are perfectly suited to host multiple audio channels simultaneously.

Lasts up to 12 Hours

Our headphones can last up to 12 hour and have a charge time of just 3 hours!

Up to 30 Stages

Host up to 30 different channels of audio simultaneously in one room without noise pollution disrupting and distracting your other delegates.

Over 80db

Beat any volume restrictions by using headphones at your event. Your delegates can then engage with the audio at whatever level they want.

More than 1000 visitors

Sound spill can prove difficult to tackle at conferences. When your audience puts on a set of headphones they can immerse themselves directly in the audio content and can appreciate hearing talks with a crystal-clear sound.

Up to 300 meters range

Your delegates are free to move within the conference space without affecting their engagement.

Discover the art of Silent Conference.